Painting Petals On Planet Ghost is the project formed in 2004 by brothers Maurizio and Roberto Opalio aka My Cat Is An Alien, together with their long time collaborator Ramona Ponzini.
The whole idea behind the project started with Ramona developing a peculiar research concerning the use of Japanese ancient poetry as privileged source of texts apt to be set in music.

PPOPG immediately grow by itself as a band, focused on Ramona’s Japanese chant, based on her own choice of specific texts which bring back to the atmosphere of ancient Japanese courts and gardens, and accompanied by the Opalio brothers' peculiar work on classic and electric guitar melodies, soft drones, toy piano and keyboards, field recordings. To complete the oeuvre, Ramona’s use of Japanese bells and wind chimes which recalls the atmosphere of the minimal sounds of the theater of the Rising Sun.

The cherry blossoms come into flower with the first work of the band called 'Haru' (“spring”; Time-Lag Records, USA 2005), inspired by a masterpiece of the Japanese ancient literature, The Kokinshu.

It is with the second album, 'Fallen Camellias' (A Silent Place, 2007), whose lyrics are all poems taken from Yosano Akiko’s Midaregami (“Tangled hair”), that PPOPG definitely conquer the esteem of the Japanese audience, critic and press.

In particular the staff of legendary Japanese label PSF in the person of Hideo Ikeezumi decides to publish the third PPOPG work 'Haru No Omoi' (2009), selectioning tracks from the previous two albums and adding exclusive bonus material.

In the meanwhile Ramona graduates at University of Turin with a final thesis concerning Japanese poetry, also publishing an essay entitled “Journey to the land of spring: Midaregami by Yosano Akiko”.
PPOPG extended articles and interviews appear on international magazines of music such as Dream Magazine (USA), Foxy Digitalis (USA), Blow Up (IT), Studio Voice (JP), The Wire (UK), among others, and contemporary literature: Mahoroba (JP), Orientalia Parthenopea (IT).

Along with PRAXINOSCOPE (duo with Roberto Opalio), Ramona Ponzini has also collaborated with artists such as Industrial music guru Z’ev (with whom she set up the projects ANKOKU and DEEP ALIEN DARKNESS - a quartet with the Opalio brothers), Micheal Morley of New Zealand cult band Dead C, Tom Greenwood of Jackie-O Motherfucker (forming BLACK MAGIC DISCO always with MCIAA), and Sonic Youth guitarist Lee Ranaldo (who collaborates with her and MCIAA many times during the last years).

While working on a new album which draws its inspiration from the texts of 20th century Japanese poet Takamura Kotaro, PPOPG's latest 'Transparent Winter' is published as a special vinyl edition by UK-based Blackest Rainbow Records in September 2011.



(Ramona Ponzini, Maurizio Opalio, Roberto Opalio)

- s/t LP (2005/ Time-Lag Records)
- "Oceano" on Red Gold Comp C20 Cassette (2006/ Gold Soundz)
- Oounabara 1-sided 12" lathe cut + DVD-R (Opax Records/ 2006)
- Oounabara C20 cassette (Opax Records/ 2006)
- s/t CD (2007 / Time-Lag Records)
- Fallen Camellias 1-sided 5x10" lathe cut Box (2008/ Opax Records)
- Fallen Camellias CD (2008/ A Sile
nt Place)
- "
I lose consciousness" on split 7" with Mykel Boyd (2008 / Somnimage)
- "Haru no kuni" on Dream Magazine #9 CD comp (2009 / Dream Magazine)
- Haru no omoi CD (2009 / PSF)

(Ramona Ponzini, Roberto Opalio)

- s/t cd-r (2005/ Opax Records)
- Self-titled picture disc LP (2006/ A Silent Place)
- Epocsonixarp LP / CD-R (Opax Records/ 2006)
- Untitled #6 1-sided C20 cassette (2008/ Opax Records)
- For the tears of the Land_Prayers from the outer space 2xLP split with MY CAT IS AN ALIEN (2009 / Important Records)
- For the tears of the Land_Prayers from the outer space, Vol.2 CD (2010 / Elliptical Noise)

(Ramona Ponzini, Z'EV)

- Ankoku CD (2007/ A Silent Place)
- 7M24S on Post-Asiatic: Lost War Dream Music 2CD Comp (2007/ URCKarm)
- Ankoku CD-R (2010/ re. no label)
- Live in Milan DVD-R (2010/ Opax Records)


(Ramona Ponzini, Tom Greenwood, Maurizio Opalio, Roberto Opalio)

- s/t CD (2007 / Important Records)
- s/t 2xLP (2007 / A Silent Place)


- All Is Lost In Translation (RAMONA PONZINI, LEE RANALDO, MY CAT IS AN ALIEN) CD (2010 / Atavistic)
- Live @ Sensational Fix (M.MORLEY, MCIAA, R.PONZINI, L.RANALDO) LP (2009 / Starlight Furniture Co.)
- "Everything waves like cosmic debris" on MCIAA / STEVE RODEN "Cosmic Debris, Vol.II" split ART-LP (2006/ Opax Records) split CD (2007 / A Silent Place)
- The secret of the Dancing Snow (MY CAT IS AN ALIEN) CD (2006/ Ikuisuus)


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