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Lathe cut LP + Book

Private art edition of 9 copies individually signed and numbered.

Lathe cut record LP containing the material of Music for Phantoms 's/t' album (2007), remastered and re-edited with alternate mix for this special edition.
Original black relief drawing by Roberto Opalio on 30x30 cm cork panel mounted on thick cardboard, signed and numbered.
The poem 'Music for Phantoms' by Roberto Opalio, which inspired the creation of the musical project, is presented in both Italian and English in a deluxe 16-page 12" booklet, wrapped in a double, translucent paper folder sleeve.

Lathe cut records manufactured in 9 copies by Peter King in New Zealand.
Published in December 2010 by Opax Press. Printed in Western Alps.
Maurizio Opalio - acoustic guitar
Roberto Opalio - classical guitar, field recordings from the mountains.

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