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Maurizio Opalio is a sound and visual artist from Torino, Italy, now living in a remote region of the Western Alps.

Self-taught, outsider artist, his work includes drawing, sculpture, poetry, and performative acts.

Since 1997, in duo with his brother Roberto, he runs the musical project My Cat Is An Alien, which plays a relevant role within the international avant-garde and experimental music scene, as The Wire magazine’s cover dedicated to My Cat Is An Alien shows.

In the last years the collaboration between the two brothers developed more and more in the field of visual art as well.

Maurizio Opalio's work aims to retrieve and recontextualize primordial graphic signs and symbols belonging to the origin of Earth and of all mankind, in order to re-create a new Cosmogony.

Developed from automatic writings and researches on archaic symbolism, and through the use of materials coming directly from terrestrial ground, such as rocks, clay, flowers and plants used as natural pigments, Maurizio Opalio's drawings on paper sheets, rolls and rocks become his "Cosmogonic Scriptures", works that appear to be arcane and archaic memoirs translated into the language of the new Millennium.

Most of his solo performances take place in solitude, in isolated and secreted non-art locations up in the mountains, documented by audio and video recordings, and often his works are created on-site, influenced by snow and the raw elements of the surrounding nature.

Maurizio Opalio's solo visual work has never been intentionally exhibited or shown so far.
Many of his collaborative works with his brother Roberto have instead been presented at multimedia festivals, and the museum touring exhibitions ‘SONIC YOUTH etc.: SENSATIONAL FIX’ (2008-2010).




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